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Hearst, NormanPerson Why?
Building AIDS research capacity in Brazil.Academic Article Why?
Building gerontological nursing research capacity: Research initiatives of the John A. Hartford Foundation Centers of Geriatric Nursing Excellence.Academic Article Why?
Navigating Opportunities, Learning and Potential Threats: Mentee Perspectives on Mentoring in HIV Research.Academic Article Why?
Capacity building in environmental health research in India and Nepal.Academic Article Why?
Building organizational capacity to engage in research utilization.Academic Article Why?
Building community capacity: sustaining the effects of multiple, two-year community-based participatory research projects.Academic Article Why?
Building capacity and competency in conducting health disparities research.Academic Article Why?
Taylor, KellyPerson Why?
Neilands, TorPerson Why?
Tobacco Control Research and Training in South AmericaGrant Why?
Building Capacity for Evidence-Based Public Health: Reconciling the Pulls of Practice and the Push of Research.Academic Article Why?
Scott, HymanPerson Why?
Developing research and recruitment while fostering stakeholder engagement in a National Institutes of Mental Health-funded Interventions and Practice Research Infrastructure Programs grant for depression.Academic Article Why?
We help the world breathe.Academic Article Why?
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