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Blanc, PaulPerson Why?
A Chronic Disease Management Student-Faculty Collaborative Practice: Educating Students on Innovation in Health Care Delivery.Academic Article Why?
Adherence in chronic disease.Academic Article Why?
Geroscience: linking aging to chronic disease.Academic Article Why?
Managing chronic illnesses in the oral and maxillofacial surgery practice.Academic Article Why?
Provider-patient roles in chronic disease management.Academic Article Why?
Social competence in children with chronic illness: a meta-analytic review.Academic Article Why?
Stable chronic disease: a behavioral model.Academic Article Why?
Food label use and awareness of nutritional information and recommendations among persons with chronic disease.Academic Article Why?
Multivitamin/mineral supplements and prevention of chronic disease.Academic Article Why?
Multivitamin/Mineral supplements and prevention of chronic disease: executive summary.Academic Article Why?
Okumura, MegiePerson Why?
Woodruff, PrescottPerson Why?
Managing chronic disease in hospitalized patients.Academic Article Why?
Teaching chronic disease management to interdisciplinary medical learners.Academic Article Why?
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