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Publication and reporting of clinical trial results: cross sectional analysis across academic medical centers.Academic Article Why?
Adverse event reporting in cancer clinical trial publications.Academic Article Why?
Sim, IdaPerson Why?
Beyond trial registration: a global trial bank for clinical trial reporting.Academic Article Why?
Feasibility of Patient Reporting of Symptomatic Adverse Events via the Patient-Reported Outcomes Version of the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (PRO-CTCAE) in a Chemoradiotherapy Cooperative Group Multicenter Clinical Trial.Academic Article Why?
Update of the subconjunctival THC:YAG (holmium) laser sclerostomy ab externo clinical trial: 30-month report.Academic Article Why?
Brief report: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in children with autism spectrum disorder: a clinical trial.Academic Article Why?
Practice facilitation to improve diabetes care in primary care: a report from the EPIC randomized clinical trial.Academic Article Why?
Translating the IHE Teaching File and Clinical Trial Export (TCE) profile document templates into functional DICOM structured report objects.Academic Article Why?
Update on the subconjunctival THC:YAG (holmium) laser sclerostomy Ab externo clinical trial: a 4-year report.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of helium-ion radiation therapy and split-course megavoltage irradiation for unresectable adenocarcinoma of the pancreas. Final report of a Northern California Oncology Group randomized prospective clinical trial.Academic Article Why?
Mirtazapine to Reduce Methamphetamine Use Among MSM with High-Risk HIV BehaviorsGrant Why?
Parkinson's Disease Neuroprotection Clinical TrialGrant Why?
Intensive Glycemic Control and Skeletal HealthGrant Why?
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