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Re: Changes in breast cancer detection and mammography recall rates after the introduction of a computer-aided detection system.Academic Article Why?
Screening mammograms: interpretation with computer-aided detection--prospective evaluation.Academic Article Why?
Diagnostic Accuracy of Digital Screening Mammography With and Without Computer-Aided Detection.Academic Article Why?
Influence of computer-aided detection on performance of screening mammography.Academic Article Why?
External validation of Medicare claims codes for digital mammography and computer-aided detection.Academic Article Why?
Invited commentary on "CT colonography with computer-aided detection: recognizing the causes of false-positive reader results".Academic Article Why?
Potential contribution of computer-aided detection to the sensitivity of screening mammography.Academic Article Why?
CT colonography: influence of 3D viewing and polyp candidate features on interpretation with computer-aided detection.Academic Article Why?
Computer-aided detection output on 172 subtle findings on normal mammograms previously obtained in women with breast cancer detected at follow-up screening mammography.Academic Article Why?
Mammographic characteristics of 115 missed cancers later detected with screening mammography and the potential utility of computer-aided detection.Academic Article Why?
A statistical 3-D pattern processing method for computer-aided detection of polyps in CT colonography.Academic Article Why?
CT colonography: investigation of the optimum reader paradigm by using computer-aided detection software.Academic Article Why?
Dual energy subtraction digital radiography improves performance of a next generation computer-aided detection program.Academic Article Why?
Radiologists' perceptions of computer aided detection versus double reading for mammography interpretation.Academic Article Why?
Surface normal overlap: a computer-aided detection algorithm with application to colonic polyps and lung nodules in helical CT.Academic Article Why?
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