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Cost-effectiveness analyses.Academic Article Why?
Cost-effectiveness analysis in pediatric practice.Academic Article Why?
Cost-effectiveness and health care costs.Academic Article Why?
Cost-Effectiveness of Field Trauma Triage among Injured Adults Served by Emergency Medical Services.Academic Article Why?
Cost-effectiveness of PCSK9 Inhibitor Therapy-Reply.Academic Article Why?
Cost-effectiveness research in neurosurgery.Academic Article Why?
Impact of cost valuation on cost-effectiveness in adult spine deformity surgery.Academic Article Why?
[Cost-effectiveness analyses: what doctors should know].Academic Article Why?
Cost-effectiveness of active surveillance versus hemithyroidectomy for micropapillary thyroid cancer.Academic Article Why?
Cost-effectiveness of School-Based Eye Examinations in Preschoolers Referred for Follow-up From Visual Screening.Academic Article Why?
Global cost-effectiveness of GDM screening and management: current knowledge and future needs.Academic Article Why?
Higher cost of implementing Xpert(®) MTB/RIF in Ugandan peripheral settings: implications for cost-effectiveness.Academic Article Why?
Less is more: cost-effectiveness analysis of surveillance strategies for small, nonfunctional, radiographically benign adrenal incidentalomas.Academic Article Why?
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