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Linden, ArielPerson Why?
Disease management in chronic kidney disease.Academic Article Why?
Disease management in the American market.Academic Article Why?
Disease management interventions: what's in the black box?Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of a medicaid asthma disease management program.Academic Article Why?
Is Israel ready for disease management?Academic Article Why?
Medicare disease management in policy context.Academic Article Why?
Provider-patient roles in chronic disease management.Academic Article Why?
A user's guide to the disease management literature: recommendations for reporting and assessing program outcomes.Academic Article Why?
An assessment of the total population approach for evaluating disease management program effectiveness.Academic Article Why?
Asthma disease management: regression to the mean or better?Academic Article Why?
Determining if disease management saves money: an introduction to meta-analysis.Academic Article Why?
Disease management interventions II: What else is in the black box?Academic Article Why?
Disease management: truth in advertising.Academic Article Why?
Effect of a managed care disease management program on diabetes care.Academic Article Why?
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