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Unique Educational Opportunities for PCPs and Specialists Arising From Electronic Consultation Services.Academic Article Why?
Electronic consultation system demonstrates educational benefit for primary care providers.Academic Article Why?
Tuot, DelphinePerson Why?
Electronic Psychiatric Consultation in Primary Care in the Safety Net.Academic Article Why?
Analysis of an electronic consultation program at an academic medical centre: Primary care provider questions, specialist responses, and primary care provider actions.Academic Article Why?
A cohort study of a general surgery electronic consultation system: safety implications and impact on surgical yield.Academic Article Why?
Minding the Gaps: Assessing Communication Outcomes of Electronic Preconsultation Exchange.Academic Article Why?
Efficiency Gains for Rheumatology Consultation Using a Novel Electronic Referral System in a Safety-Net Health Setting.Academic Article Why?
Facilitators and barriers to implementing electronic referral and/or consultation systems: a qualitative study of 16 health organizations.Academic Article Why?
Electronic Consultations to Improve the Primary Care-Specialty Care Interface for Cardiology in the Medically Underserved: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial.Academic Article Why?
Chen, AlicePerson Why?
Duong, JonathanPerson Why?
Sarkar, UrmimalaPerson Why?
Practice profile. A safety-net system gains efficiencies through 'eReferrals' to specialists.Academic Article Why?
Olayiwola, J. NwandoPerson Why?
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