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Impact of Energy Status on the Serotonergic Regulation of Energy BalanceGrant Why?
Kajimura, ShingoPerson Why?
Cardiovascular responses to energy drinks in a healthy population: The C-energy study.Academic Article Why?
Yeh, BenjaminPerson Why?
Determination of the PULSTAR Reactor Neutron Energy Spectrum, Journal of Energy Conversion and ManagementAcademic Article Why?
Xu, AllisonPerson Why?
Energy-Independent Single Photon Molecular Imaging TechnologyGrant Why?
Tecott, LaurencePerson Why?
Compensatory Regulation of Energy Balance by Neurogenesis in Adult HypothalamusGrant Why?
Binding energy and Auger electron energies of 1s2s2p3 6So of the beryllium anionAcademic Article Why?
Decreasing Striatopallidal Pathway Function Enhances Motivation by Energizing the Initiation of Goal-Directed Action.Academic Article Why?
Dissociation energies of deoxyribose nucleotide dimer anions measured using blackbody infrared radiative dissociation.Academic Article Why?
Small molecule hydration free energies in explicit solvent: An extensive test of fixed-charge atomistic simulations.Academic Article Why?
Principles of Energy Transduction in ProteinsGrant Why?
Study of Energy and AgingGrant Why?
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