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Kwok, Pui-YanPerson Why?
Butte, AtulPerson Why?
Witte, JohnPerson Why?
Genome-wide association studies of drug response and toxicity: an opportunity for genome medicine.Academic Article Why?
Conklin, BrucePerson Why?
Delwart, EricPerson Why?
Burchard, Esteban G.Person Why?
Oksenberg, JorgePerson Why?
Genome-Wide Structural Variation Detection by Genome Mapping on Nanochannel Arrays.Academic Article Why?
Population-based 3D genome structure analysis reveals driving forces in spatial genome organization.Academic Article Why?
Pollard, KatiePerson Why?
Int'l Meetings on Human Genome Variation &Complex Genome AnalysisGrant Why?
Hoffmann, ThomasPerson Why?
HLA diversity in the 1000 genomes dataset.Academic Article Why?
Clinical metagenomic identification of Balamuthia mandrillaris encephalitis and assembly of the draft genome: the continuing case for reference genome sequencing.Academic Article Why?
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