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Emerging pathogen in immunocompromised hosts: Exophiala dermatitidis mycosis in graft-versus-host disease.Academic Article Why?
Oral disease profiles in chronic graft versus host disease.Academic Article Why?
Absence of graft-versus-host disease in the isolated vascularized bone marrow transplant.Academic Article Why?
Attenuation of murine graft-versus-host disease by a tea polyphenol.Academic Article Why?
High-dose cyclophosphamide as single-agent, short-course prophylaxis of graft-versus-host disease.Academic Article Why?
Prevention of acute graft-versus-host disease by blocking T-cell entry to secondary lymphoid organs.Academic Article Why?
Transfusion-associated graft-versus-host disease.Academic Article Why?
The graft-versus-myeloma effect: chronic graft-versus-host disease but not acute graft-versus-host disease prolongs survival in patients with multiple myeloma receiving allogeneic transplantation.Academic Article Why?
Transplacental maternal engraftment and posttransplantation graft-versus-host disease in children with severe combined immunodeficiency.Academic Article Why?
Upregulation of IFN-Inducible and Damage-Response Pathways in Chronic Graft-versus-Host Disease.Academic Article Why?
Graft vs Host DiseaseConcept Why?
Clinical update on graft-versus-host disease in children.Academic Article Why?
Absence of peripheral blood chimerism in graft-vs-host disease following orthotopic liver transplantation: case report and review of the literature.Academic Article Why?
Clinical significance of autoantibodies in a large cohort of patients with chronic graft-versus-host disease defined by NIH criteria.Academic Article Why?
Critical role of DNAX accessory molecule-1 (DNAM-1) in the development of acute graft-versus-host disease in mice.Academic Article Why?
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