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Gandhi, MonicaPerson Why?
Hair concentrations of antiretrovirals predict viral suppression in HIV-infected pregnant and breastfeeding Ugandan women.Academic Article Why?
Strong Correlation between Concentrations of Antiretrovirals in Home-Collected and Study-Collected Hair Samples: Implications for Adherence Monitoring.Academic Article Why?
Innovative methods for measuring antiretroviral exposureGrant Why?
Koss, CatherinePerson Why?
WIHS Treatment Exposure and Viral Rebound StudyGrant Why?
Greenblatt, RuthPerson Why?
Saberi, ParyaPerson Why?
Bacchetti, PeterPerson Why?
Cohan, DeborahPerson Why?
Havlir, DianePerson Why?
Charlebois, EdwinPerson Why?
Clark, TamaraPerson Why?
Ruel, TheodorePerson Why?
Johnson, MalloryPerson Why?
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