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Filling the gap: Developing health economics competencies for baccalaureate nursing programs.Academic Article Why?
Spetz, JoannePerson Why?
Phillips, KathrynPerson Why?
Rodriguez-Monguio, RosaPerson Why?
Kazi, DhruvPerson Why?
White, JustinPerson Why?
Health Care Economics and OrganizationsConcept Why?
Hatefi, ArianPerson Why?
A randomized controlled trial assessing the health economics of realtime teledermatology compared with conventional care: an urban versus rural perspective.Academic Article Why?
Health economics and outcomes methods in risk-based decision-making for blood safety.Academic Article Why?
Lin, TracyPerson Why?
Introduction to special issue of best practices in rheumatology: health economics of musculoskeletal diseases.Academic Article Why?
Krishnamurthi, NirupamaPerson Why?
Boettiger, DavidPerson Why?
Speaking in tongues: integrating economics and psychology into health and mental health services outcomes research.Academic Article Why?
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