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Adler-Milstein, JuliaPerson Why?
Public Health InformaticsConcept Why?
Informatics: Make sense of health data.Academic Article Why?
Chan, StevenPerson Why?
Becerra-Licha, IgnacioPerson Why?
Consortium for oral health-related informatics: improving dental research, education, and treatment.Academic Article Why?
An interdisciplinary online course in health care informatics.Academic Article Why?
Prado, PatricPerson Why?
Spindler, HilaryPerson Why?
Creating a text data-mining application for use in public health informatics.Academic Article Why?
Lin, AmyPerson Why?
The value of health care information exchange and interoperability.Academic Article Why?
Sim, IdaPerson Why?
Harmonizing health information systems with information systems in other social and economic sectors.Academic Article Why?
Sun, YaoPerson Why?
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