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Merging medical informatics and automated diagnostic methods.Academic Article Why?
Sim, IdaPerson Why?
Avrin, DavidPerson Why?
mHealth and Health Information Technology Tools for Diverse Patients with Diabetes.Academic Article Why?
Medical InformaticsConcept Why?
Medical Informatics ApplicationsConcept Why?
Medical Informatics ComputingConcept Why?
Medical Informatics MBL/NLM Course FellowAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Safety Net Award for Using Health Information Technology to Advance Performance ImprovementAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Diabetes health information technology innovation to improve quality of life for health plan members in urban safety net.Academic Article Why?
When does adoption of health information technology by physician practices lead to use by physicians within the practice?Academic Article Why?
Lyles, CourtneyPerson Why?
Arenson, RonaldPerson Why?
Butte, AtulPerson Why?
A code of professional ethical conduct for the American Medical Informatics Association: an AMIA Board of Directors approved white paper.Academic Article Why?
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