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Speaking in tongues: integrating economics and psychology into health and mental health services outcomes research.Academic Article Why?
Palmer, NynikkaPerson Why?
Effectiveness of workplace interventions in the prevention of upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders and symptoms: an update of the evidence.Academic Article Why?
The need to adapt standardized outcomes measures for community mental health.Academic Article Why?
The primary care of elder mistreatment.Academic Article Why?
Linden, ArielPerson Why?
Hiatt, Robert A.Person Why?
Cancer outcomes research and the arenas of application.Academic Article Why?
Issues in studying the effectiveness of health services for children.Academic Article Why?
Weisner, ConstancePerson Why?
The role of school health centers in health care access and client outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Phillips, KathrynPerson Why?
Does having more physicians lead to better health system performance?Academic Article Why?
Outcome assessment via handheld computer in community mental health: consumer satisfaction and reliability.Academic Article Why?
The costs and outcomes of restricting public access to poison control centers. Results from a natural experiment.Academic Article Why?
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