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Dermatologic health services research.Academic Article Why?
Health care research and technology.Academic Article Why?
The evolution of health services research.Academic Article Why?
Hospital Characteristics and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Inpatient Quality Indicators: A Systematic Review.Academic Article Why?
Practical application of opt-out recruitment methods in two health services research studies.Academic Article Why?
Health services research in endocrine surgery.Academic Article Why?
Expanding the frame of health services research in the drug abuse fieldAcademic Article Why?
Methodologic issues in intervention research--health care.Academic Article Why?
The Action Research Program: Experiential Learning in Systems-Based Practice for First-Year Medical Students.Academic Article Why?
Health Services Research for Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Prevention.Academic Article Why?
Priorities for transgender medical and healthcare research.Academic Article Why?
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the Development of a Learning Health Care System.Academic Article Why?
VA Health Services Research & Development Annual Meeting ProceedingsAcademic Article Why?
2015 Nemours Child Health Services Research AwardAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Health Services ResearchConcept Why?
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