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Necessary care in a broken system: the health care delivery crisis and oral health.Academic Article Why?
Physician Professional Satisfaction and Area of Clinical Practice: Evidence from an Integrated Health Care Delivery System.Academic Article Why?
Impact of state nurse practitioner scope-of-practice regulation on health care delivery: Systematic review.Academic Article Why?
Representativeness of breast cancer cases in an integrated health care delivery system.Academic Article Why?
Cohen, CraigPerson Why?
A Chronic Disease Management Student-Faculty Collaborative Practice: Educating Students on Innovation in Health Care Delivery.Academic Article Why?
Refugee intermediaries and the delivery of health care to Cambodian refugeesAcademic Article Why?
Seeing the Effect of Health Care Delivery Innovation in the Safety Net.Academic Article Why?
Telepsychiatry: Effective, Evidence-Based, and at a Tipping Point in Health Care Delivery?Academic Article Why?
Post-traumatic stress disorder and risk of dementia among members of a health care delivery system.Academic Article Why?
Systematic Motorcycle Management and Health Care Delivery: A Field Trial.Academic Article Why?
Utilization of Community Pharmacies: Implications for Health Care DeliveryAcademic Article Why?
Delivery of Health CareConcept Why?
Delivery of Health Care, IntegratedConcept Why?
Adler-Milstein, JuliaPerson Why?
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