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Wallhagen, MargaretPerson Why?
Primary Care Intervention Promoting Hearing Health Care Service Access and UseGrant Why?
The Experience of Hearing ImpairmentGrant Why?
Hearing among male firefighters: a comparison with hearing data from screened and unscreened male population.Academic Article Why?
Limb, CharlesPerson Why?
Hong, Oi SaengPerson Why?
Use of hearing protection and hearing threshold levels among noise-exposed Korean airport workersAcademic Article Why?
Chan, DylanPerson Why?
Akil, OmarPerson Why?
The effects of residual hearing in traditional cochlear implant candidates after implantation with a conventional electrode.Academic Article Why?
Conversion of traditional osseointegrated bone-anchored hearing aids to the Baha® attract in four pediatric patients.Academic Article Why?
Phosphodiesterase 4D gene polymorphisms in sudden sensorineural hearing loss.Academic Article Why?
Self-Reported Hearing in the Last 2 Years of Life in Older Adults.Academic Article Why?
ATP8B1 is essential for maintaining normal hearing.Academic Article Why?
Hearing and music in dementia.Academic Article Why?
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