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High-throughput screening in primary neurons.Academic Article Why?
High-throughput screening: searching for higher productivity.Academic Article Why?
High-throughput screening: update on practices and success.Academic Article Why?
High-Throughput Screening AssaysConcept Why?
Gestwicki, JasonPerson Why?
Abate, AdamPerson Why?
High Throughput Assay for Screening Compounds(RMI)Grant Why?
Ang, Kean HooiPerson Why?
A high-throughput screening assay for determining cellular levels of total tau protein.Academic Article Why?
Analysis of high-throughput screening assays using cluster enrichment.Academic Article Why?
Micropillar arrays as a high-throughput screening platform for therapeutics in multiple sclerosis.Academic Article Why?
Arkin, MichellePerson Why?
Discovery of T cell antigens by high-throughput screening of synthetic minigene libraries.Academic Article Why?
An image-based assay for high throughput screening of Giardia lamblia.Academic Article Why?
Discovery of potent KIFC1 inhibitors using a method of integrated high-throughput synthesis and screening.Academic Article Why?
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