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Karliner, LeahPerson Why?
Microfocal spot magnification mammography using xeroradiographic and screen-film recording systems.Academic Article Why?
A probabilistic expert system that provides automated mammographic-histologic correlation: initial experience.Academic Article Why?
Sickles, EdwardPerson Why?
Mammography FastTrack: an intervention to facilitate reminders for breast cancer screening across a heterogeneous multi-clinic primary care network.Academic Article Why?
Storage, transmission, and retrieval of digital mammography, including recommendations on image compression.Academic Article Why?
Breast cancer CADx based on BI-RAds descriptors from two mammographic views.Academic Article Why?
Esserman, LauraPerson Why?
Smith-Bindman, RebeccaPerson Why?
Goldman, LizPerson Why?
Breast and cervical cancer screening: clinicians' views on health plan guidelines and implementation efforts.Academic Article Why?
Avrin, DavidPerson Why?
Gould, RobertPerson Why?
Comparison of mammographic screen-film systems.Academic Article Why?
Shepherd, JohnPerson Why?
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