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Experience of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners in Public Mental Health.Academic Article Why?
Advances in mobile mental health: opportunities and implications for the spectrum of e-mental health services.Academic Article Why?
Relations between mental health diagnoses, mental health treatment, and substance use in homeless youth.Academic Article Why?
Seal, KarenPerson Why?
Maguen, ShiraPerson Why?
Economic Status, Mental Health and HIV in Adolescent Orphan Girls in ZimbabweGrant Why?
Chan, StevenPerson Why?
Mobile mental health care--an opportunity for India.Academic Article Why?
The Problem with Education in Global Mental Health.Academic Article Why?
Outcome assessment via handheld computer in community mental health: consumer satisfaction and reliability.Academic Article Why?
Mental health assessment in rehabilitation research.Academic Article Why?
Substance abuse and mental health visits among adolescents presenting to US emergency departments.Academic Article Why?
Patients' reports about medical doctors' inquiries on their mental health: do generational status, ethnicity and mental health/substance use disorders matter?Academic Article Why?
[Use of mental hygiene filsm in group psychotherapy].Academic Article Why?
Asthma and mental health among youth: etiology, current knowledge and future directions.Academic Article Why?
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