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Mental illness among us: a new curriculum to reduce mental illness stigma among medical students.Academic Article Why?
Interrupting the Mental Illness-Incarceration-Recidivism Cycle.Academic Article Why?
Mental illness-related disparities in length of stay: algorithm choice influences results.Academic Article Why?
Accomplishments of 77 VA mental health professionals with a lived experience of mental illness.Academic Article Why?
Molecular Approaches to Mental IllnessGrant Why?
Molecules and Mental IllnessAcademic Article Why?
Diabetes Screening Among Underserved Adults With Severe Mental Illness Who Take Antipsychotic Medications.Academic Article Why?
Food insecurity among adults with severe mental illness.Academic Article Why?
HIV and chronic mental illness.Academic Article Why?
Journeys in complex genetics: music and mental illness.Academic Article Why?
Psychiatrists, mental illness, and violence.Academic Article Why?
Risk of preterm birth by subtype among Medi-Cal participants with mental illness.Academic Article Why?
Using administrative data to identify mental illness: what approach is best?Academic Article Why?
Mental Illness: Clinicians' Attitudes (MICA) scale-psychometric properties of a version for healthcare students and professionals.Academic Article Why?
State psychology licensure questions about mental illness and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.Academic Article Why?
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