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Abate, AdamPerson Why?
Microfluidics for biological measurements with single-molecule resolution.Academic Article Why?
Multicolor Fluorescence Detection for Droplet Microfluidics Using Optical Fibers.Academic Article Why?
DNA sequence analysis with droplet-based microfluidics.Academic Article Why?
High-throughput injection with microfluidics using picoinjectors.Academic Article Why?
One-step formation of multiple emulsions in microfluidics.Academic Article Why?
A microfluidic system for dynamic yeast cell imaging.Academic Article Why?
Microfluidic integration for automated targeted proteomic assays.Academic Article Why?
Microfluidic Western blotting.Academic Article Why?
Reduced-gravity environment hardware demonstrations of a prototype miniaturized flow cytometer and companion microfluidic mixing technology.Academic Article Why?
A novel flexible microfluidic meshwork to reduce fibrosis in glaucoma surgery.Academic Article Why?
Automated reagent-dispensing system for microfluidic cell biology assays.Academic Article Why?
Automated microfluidic chromatin immunoprecipitation from 2,000 cells.Academic Article Why?
Drop formation in non-planar microfluidic devices.Academic Article Why?
Electrode-free picoinjection of microfluidic drops.Academic Article Why?
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