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Verdin, EricPerson Why?
AtKP1, a kinesin-like protein, mainly localizes to mitochondria in Arabidopsis thaliana.Academic Article Why?
Evidence against functionally significant aquaporin expression in mitochondria.Academic Article Why?
Making heads or tails of phospholipids in mitochondria.Academic Article Why?
MICOS and phospholipid transfer by Ups2-Mdm35 organize membrane lipid synthesis in mitochondria.Academic Article Why?
Role of mitochondria in steroidogenesis.Academic Article Why?
The role of mitochondria in mTOR-regulated longevity.Academic Article Why?
Programmed cell death, mitochondria and the plant hypersensitive response.Academic Article Why?
Sources and consequences of oxidative damage from mitochondria and neurotransmitter signaling.Academic Article Why?
Mitochondria are the functional intracellular target for a photosensitizing boronated porphyrin.Academic Article Why?
SCNT-derived ESCs with mismatched mitochondria trigger an immune response in allogeneic hosts.Academic Article Why?
Targeting of hepatitis C virus core protein to mitochondria through a novel C-terminal localization motif.Academic Article Why?
Miller, WalterPerson Why?
Nakamura, KenPerson Why?
Kirichok, YuriyPerson Why?
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