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Rock music and music videos.Academic Article Why?
Limb, CharlesPerson Why?
Johnson, JulenePerson Why?
Barrett, KarenPerson Why?
Hearing and music in dementia.Academic Article Why?
Journeys in complex genetics: music and mental illness.Academic Article Why?
Music, neurology, and psychology in the nineteenth century.Academic Article Why?
Pattern of Emotional Benefits Induced by Regular Singing and Music Listening in Dementia.Academic Article Why?
Using music as a signal for biofeedback.Academic Article Why?
Dance and Music in "Gangnam Style": How Dance Observation Affects Meter Perception.Academic Article Why?
Music to be born to, music to die to.Academic Article Why?
Cochlear implant-mediated perception of music.Academic Article Why?
Hermann Oppenheim's observations about music in aphasia.Academic Article Why?
Structural and functional neural correlates of music perception.Academic Article Why?
Neurology of MusicAcademic Article Why?
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