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Metalloproteinases: a Functional Pathway for Myeloid Cells.Academic Article Why?
Real-time imaging of myeloid cells dynamics in ApcMin/+ intestinal tumors by spinning disk confocal microscopy.Academic Article Why?
Okada, HidehoPerson Why?
TGFß signaling in myeloid cells regulates mammary carcinoma cell invasion through fibroblast interactions.Academic Article Why?
Myeloid cell receptor LRP1/CD91 regulates monocyte recruitment and angiogenesis in tumors.Academic Article Why?
The Role of Triggering Receptor Expressed on Myeloid Cells-2 (Trem2) on MicrogliaGrant Why?
Role of Fibroblasts, Myeloid Cells and Matrix in PDACGrant Why?
BCOR regulates myeloid cell proliferation and differentiation.Academic Article Why?
Enhancement of myeloid cell growth by benzene metabolites via the production of active oxygen species.Academic Article Why?
Gefitinib potentiates myeloid cell differentiation by ATRA.Academic Article Why?
Shp1 function in myeloid cells.Academic Article Why?
Confocal Imaging of Myeloid Cells in the Corneal Stroma of Live Mice.Academic Article Why?
Delineating CSF-1-dependent regulation of myeloid cell diversity in tumors.Academic Article Why?
Histamine deficiency promotes accumulation of immunosuppressive immature myeloid cells and growth of murine gliomas.Academic Article Why?
Inhibition of Hematopoietic Cell Kinase Activity Suppresses Myeloid Cell-Mediated Colon Cancer Progression.Academic Article Why?
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