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NarrationConcept Why?
Aronson, LouisePerson Why?
Hergott Heart of Medicine Award. First place award for narrative medicine piece.Award or Honor Receipt Why?
Jih, JanePerson Why?
A story of change: The influence of narrative on African-Americans with diabetes.Academic Article Why?
MSJAMA. Once upon a time.Academic Article Why?
Necessary steps: how health care fails older patients, and how it can be done better.Academic Article Why?
Numbers and narratives.Academic Article Why?
The Importance Of Integrating Narrative Into Health Care Decision Making.Academic Article Why?
The power of stories over statistics.Academic Article Why?
The Value of Narrative Medical Writing in Internal Medicine Residency.Academic Article Why?
Evidence-based narratives to improve recall of opioid prescribing guidelines: a randomized experiment.Academic Article Why?
Points of contact: using first-person narratives to help foster empathy in psychiatric residents.Academic Article Why?
Dohan, DanielPerson Why?
Secemsky, BrianPerson Why?
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