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Krogan, NevanPerson Why?
Social Networks and Social Support among High Risk African American MenGrant Why?
A gene ontology inferred from molecular networks.Academic Article Why?
Switching on cilia: transcriptional networks regulating ciliogenesis.Academic Article Why?
The androgen and progesterone receptors regulate distinct gene networks and cellular functions in decidualizing endometrium.Academic Article Why?
RBFOX1 regulates both splicing and transcriptional networks in human neuronal development.Academic Article Why?
The impact of the metabotropic glutamate receptor and other gene family interaction networks on autism.Academic Article Why?
Parikshak, NeelroopPerson Why?
On the emergence of polarization and motility responses from chemotactic networksGrant Why?
Social/Sexual Networks &HIV Risk: Men of ColorGrant Why?
Structure function and evolution of yeast transcription networksGrant Why?
Comparative interaction networks: bridging genotype to phenotype.Academic Article Why?
Evolution of transcription networks--lessons from yeasts.Academic Article Why?
Logic of gene regulatory networks.Academic Article Why?
Systems biology and gene networks in neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders.Academic Article Why?
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