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Organizational Change and Nicotine Dependence TreatmentGrant Why?
Benowitz, NealPerson Why?
Assessing dimensions of nicotine dependence: an evaluation of the Nicotine Dependence Syndrome Scale (NDSS) and the Wisconsin Inventory of Smoking Dependence Motives (WISDM).Academic Article Why?
Hall, SharonPerson Why?
Translational research in medication development for nicotine dependence.Academic Article Why?
Glantz, StantonPerson Why?
Bialous, StellaPerson Why?
Tsoh, JanicePerson Why?
Assessment of nicotine dependence among smokers in Nepal: a community based cross-sectional study.Academic Article Why?
Pharmacokinetic considerations in understanding nicotine dependence.Academic Article Why?
Alcohol and tobacco use disorder comorbidity in young adults and the influence of romantic partner environments.Academic Article Why?
Measures and predictors of varenicline adherence in the treatment of nicotine dependence.Academic Article Why?
Staff Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Regarding Nicotine Dependence Differ by Setting.Academic Article Why?
Tobacco Use DisorderConcept Why?
Is marijuana use becoming a 'gateway' to nicotine dependence?Academic Article Why?
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