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Vaisse, ChristianPerson Why?
Lustig, RobertPerson Why?
Wojcicki, JanetPerson Why?
Obesity and headache: part I--a systematic review of the epidemiology of obesity and headache.Academic Article Why?
Role of Pro-opiomelanocortin mutations in human obesityGrant Why?
Kajimura, ShingoPerson Why?
Epel, ElissaPerson Why?
Chen, Jyu-LinPerson Why?
Obesity Severity, Dietary Behaviors, and Lifestyle Risks Vary by Race/Ethnicity and Age in a Northern California Cohort of Children with Obesity.Academic Article Why?
Food Ingredients as Anti-Obesity Agents.Academic Article Why?
Obesity, Oxidative Stress, and Diabetes in Older AdultsGrant Why?
Modelling obesity outcomes: reducing obesity risk in adulthood may have greater impact than reducing obesity prevalence in childhood.Academic Article Why?
Engineering Functional Brown Fat with Anti-Obesity PotentialGrant Why?
Obesity, Adipocytokines and Cognitive AgingGrant Why?
Reducing pediatric obesity through after-school programsGrant Why?
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