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Increasing Participation in Cancer Clinical TrialsGrant Why?
Participation in clinical trials: is it state-of-the-art treatment for African Americans and other people of color?Academic Article Why?
Living donor kidney transplant recipients and clinical trials: participation profiles and impact on post-transplant care.Academic Article Why?
Kaplan, CeliaPerson Why?
Pasick, RenaPerson Why?
Applying a Conceptual Framework to Maximize the Participation of Diverse Populations in Cancer Clinical Trials.Academic Article Why?
Burke, NancyPerson Why?
Organizational barriers to physician participation in cancer clinical trials.Academic Article Why?
Prevalence and determinants of physician participation in conducting pharmaceutical-sponsored clinical trials and lectures.Academic Article Why?
MRI substudy participation in Alzheimer disease (AD) clinical trials: baseline comparability of a substudy sample to entire study population.Academic Article Why?
Somkin, CarolPerson Why?
Community advisory boards: their role in AIDS clinical trials. Terry Beirn Community Programs for Clinical Research on AIDS.Academic Article Why?
Clinical trial participation among patients enrolled in the Glioma Outcomes Project.Academic Article Why?
Melisko, MichellePerson Why?
Communicating about Clinical Trials:Bringing the CIS to the UnderservedGrant Why?
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