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Patient-provider communication in cancer screening.Academic Article Why?
Quality and Content of Patient-Provider Communication About Contraception: Differences by Race/Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status.Academic Article Why?
Palmer, NynikkaPerson Why?
Racial and ethnic disparities in patient-provider communication, quality-of-care ratings, and patient activation among long-term cancer survivors.Academic Article Why?
Lyles, CourtneyPerson Why?
Patient-provider communication and trust in relation to use of an online patient portal among diabetes patients: The Diabetes and Aging Study.Academic Article Why?
Dimensions of patient-provider communication and diabetes self-care in an ethnically diverse population.Academic Article Why?
The importance of patient-provider communication in end-of-life care.Academic Article Why?
Somali immigrant women's perceptions of cesarean delivery and patient-provider communication surrounding female circumcision and childbirth in the USA.Academic Article Why?
Methamphetamine use, sexual activity, patient-provider communication, and medication adherence among HIV-infected patients in care, San Francisco 2004-2006.Academic Article Why?
Waldura, JessPerson Why?
Cross-Cultural Communication and Colorectal ScreeningGrant Why?
Associations between antidepressant adherence and shared decision-making, patient-provider trust, and communication among adults with diabetes: diabetes study of Northern California (DISTANCE).Academic Article Why?
Office visit copayments: patient knowledge, response, and communication with providers.Academic Article Why?
Elderly patients' knowledge of drug benefit caps and communication with providers about exceeding caps.Academic Article Why?
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