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Giacomini, KathyPerson Why?
Krauss, RonaldPerson Why?
Kroetz, DeannaPerson Why?
Tamraz, BaniPerson Why?
Yee, Sook WahPerson Why?
Pharmacogenomics of membrane transporters: past, present and future.Academic Article Why?
Pharmacogenomics: implications and considerations for pharmacists.Academic Article Why?
Genomewide Association Studies in Pharmacogenomics: Meeting Report of the NIH Pharmacogenomics Research Network-RIKEN (PGRN-RIKEN) Collaboration.Academic Article Why?
Clinical application of pharmacogenetics: focusing on practical issues.Academic Article Why?
Measuring the value of pharmacogenomics.Academic Article Why?
Metformin pharmacogenomics: current status and future directions.Academic Article Why?
Pharmacogenomics and transplantation: where are we?Academic Article Why?
Pharmacogenomics: challenges and opportunities.Academic Article Why?
Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) guidelines for ivacaftor therapy in the context of CFTR genotype.Academic Article Why?
Special Section on Pharmacogenomics: recent advances and future directions.Academic Article Why?
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