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Preterm Birth Initiative Award - Fetal Immune Activation and Lineage Switching in Preterm BirthAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Jelliffe, LauraPerson Why?
Behavioral influences on preterm birth: a review.Academic Article Why?
Exposure to airborne polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons during pregnancy and risk of preterm birth.Academic Article Why?
Inflammatory biomarkers and spontaneous preterm birth among obese women.Academic Article Why?
Recurrence of Preterm Birth and Early Term Birth.Academic Article Why?
Risk of preterm birth by subtype among Medi-Cal participants with mental illness.Academic Article Why?
Risk of recurrent preterm birth among women according to change in partner.Academic Article Why?
Sleep Disorder Diagnosis During Pregnancy and Risk of Preterm Birth.Academic Article Why?
The enigma of spontaneous preterm birth.Academic Article Why?
The interaction between maternal race/ethnicity and chronic hypertension on preterm birth.Academic Article Why?
Towards BirthAlert--A Clinical Device Intended for Early Preterm Birth Detection.Academic Article Why?
Maternal and fetal genetic associations of PTGER3 and PON1 with preterm birth.Academic Article Why?
Prolonged Distress of Parents After Early Preterm Birth.Academic Article Why?
Role of infant sex in the association between air pollution and preterm birth.Academic Article Why?
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