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Therapeutic approaches to protein-misfolding diseases.Academic Article Why?
Proteostasis DeficienciesConcept Why?
Glycoprotein folding and quality-control mechanisms in protein-folding diseases.Academic Article Why?
A model in which heat shock protein 90 targets protein-folding clefts: rationale for a new approach to neuroprotective treatment of protein folding diseases.Academic Article Why?
Gestwicki, JasonPerson Why?
Cellular mechanisms of protein aggregate propagation.Academic Article Why?
Endoplasmic reticulum proteostasis: a key checkpoint in cancer.Academic Article Why?
Misfolding of galactose 1-phosphate uridylyltransferase can result in type I galactosemia.Academic Article Why?
Oakes, ScottPerson Why?
Ferris, SeanPerson Why?
Gene therapy for misfolding protein diseases of the central nervous system.Academic Article Why?
Misfolded proteins and retinal dystrophies.Academic Article Why?
Small-molecule structure correctors target abnormal protein structure and function: structure corrector rescue of apolipoprotein E4-associated neuropathology.Academic Article Why?
Bankiewicz, KrystofPerson Why?
Huang, YadongPerson Why?
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