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Comparative mapping of host-pathogen protein-protein interactions.Academic Article Why?
Protein-protein interactions: general trends in the relationship between binding affinity and interfacial buried surface area.Academic Article Why?
Structure-guided design of a reversible fluorogenic reporter of protein-protein interactions.Academic Article Why?
p97 Disease Mutations Modulate Nucleotide-Induced Conformation to Alter Protein-Protein Interactions.Academic Article Why?
Targeting Protein-Protein Interactions in the HIF System.Academic Article Why?
Quantitative Tagless Copurification: A Method to Validate and Identify Protein-Protein Interactions.Academic Article Why?
A structural perspective on protein-protein interactions.Academic Article Why?
Computational design of protein-protein interactions.Academic Article Why?
In situ Investigation of dynamic protein-protein interactions in live cells via Magnetic Co-concentration (MCoC)Grant Why?
Chemical control over protein-protein interactions: beyond inhibitors.Academic Article Why?
Keynote address, Drug Discovery Chemistry, Protein-Protein InteractionsAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Gestwicki, JasonPerson Why?
Vecchio, AlexPerson Why?
Krogan, NevanPerson Why?
Genetic Assay for Inhibitors of RNA-Protein InteractionsGrant Why?
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