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Binder, ReneePerson Why?
Chan, StevenPerson Why?
Collins, TaraPerson Why?
A day in the life of a psychiatrist in-the-making. Psychiatrist-in-the making: Arnaldo Moreno, M.D. Mentor: David Goldberg, M.D.Academic Article Why?
Blogging and Social Media for Mental Health Education and Advocacy: a Review for Psychiatrists.Academic Article Why?
Why I like being an academic psychiatrist.Academic Article Why?
Clinical habits and the psychiatrist: an adult developmental model focusing on the academic psychiatrist.Academic Article Why?
Liability for the psychiatrist expert witness.Academic Article Why?
Psychiatrists, mental illness, and violence.Academic Article Why?
Sexual harassment: issues for forensic psychiatrists.Academic Article Why?
Bourgeois, JamesPerson Why?
Training of child and adolescent psychiatry fellows in autism and intellectual disability.Academic Article Why?
Hung, ErickPerson Why?
Consultant Psychiatrists' Role in Ensuring High-Quality Care From Nonspecialists.Academic Article Why?
Depression, smoking, and heart disease: how can psychiatrists be effective?Academic Article Why?
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