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Olson, BeckPerson Why?
Sali, AndrejPerson Why?
Open Source Microscopy SoftwareGrant Why?
Ferrin, ThomasPerson Why?
Software enhanced learning of cardiac auscultation.Academic Article Why?
WESTPA: an interoperable, highly scalable software package for weighted ensemble simulation and analysis.Academic Article Why?
Software for improved scientific references using the Web-Citation ProtocolGrant Why?
Biological imaging software tools.Academic Article Why?
A software system for interactive MR signal processing.Academic Article Why?
Improved precision with Hologic Apex software.Academic Article Why?
Software for hierarchical modeling of epidemiologic data.Academic Article Why?
Software suite for image archiving and retrieval.Academic Article Why?
Visualization software for molecular assemblies.Academic Article Why?
Software for experimental design: the computer program EXCAD.Academic Article Why?
PhenoRipper: software for rapidly profiling microscopy images.Academic Article Why?
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