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The power of stories over statistics.Academic Article Why?
Kornak, JohnPerson Why?
Lobach, IrynaPerson Why?
Along-tract statistics allow for enhanced tractography analysis.Academic Article Why?
Correlation and crowding measures: the fundamental lesson behind complex statistics.Academic Article Why?
Statistics and the rise of medical fortunetellers.Academic Article Why?
U.S. national statistics on penile fracture.Academic Article Why?
Auditory-induced neural dynamics in sensory-motor circuitry predict learned temporal and sequential statistics of birdsong.Academic Article Why?
Beating Poisson encapsulation statistics using close-packed ordering.Academic Article Why?
Heart disease and stroke statistics--2015 update: a report from the American Heart Association.Academic Article Why?
Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics-2016 Update: A Report From the American Heart Association.Academic Article Why?
Statistics in MedicineAcademic Article Why?
Statistics of weighted brain networks reveal hierarchical organization and Gaussian degree distribution.Academic Article Why?
Transethnic Genetic-Correlation Estimates from Summary Statistics.Academic Article Why?
Using balance statistics to determine the optimal number of controls in matching studies.Academic Article Why?
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