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Vlahov, DavidPerson Why?
Weisner, ConstancePerson Why?
Sorensen, JamesPerson Why?
Santos, Glenn-MiloPerson Why?
Campbell, CynthiaPerson Why?
Measuring substance-free and substance-related reinforcement in the natural environment.Academic Article Why?
Page, KimberlyPerson Why?
Satre, DerekPerson Why?
Flentje, AnnesaPerson Why?
Temporal Relationship of Sex Risk Behaviors and Substance Use Severity Among Men in Substance Use Treatment.Academic Article Why?
Meyerhoff, DieterPerson Why?
Hahn, JudithPerson Why?
Batki, StevenPerson Why?
Hall, SharonPerson Why?
Health services for women in outpatient substance abuse treatment.Academic Article Why?
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