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A systems biology approach to multicellular and multi-generational radiation responses.Academic Article Why?
Systems biology and the discovery of diagnostic biomarkers.Academic Article Why?
Systems biology: new institute and applications.Academic Article Why?
What is the use of systems biology approaches in radiation biology?Academic Article Why?
Guest editorial: bioinformatics and computational systems biology.Academic Article Why?
Single-cell systems biology by super-resolution imaging and combinatorial labeling.Academic Article Why?
Systems biology and gene networks in neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders.Academic Article Why?
Systems biology: many things from one.Academic Article Why?
Systems biology: Reverse engineering the cell.Academic Article Why?
The Prion Disease Database: a comprehensive transcriptome resource for systems biology research in prion diseases.Academic Article Why?
Artist in Residence, The Art of Systems Biology & NanoScienceAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Center for RNA Systems BiologyGrant Why?
Research Center for Cancer Systems Biology: Cancer Cell Map InitiativeGrant Why?
Systems BiologyConcept Why?
Systems Biology of Molecular Noise in YeastGrant Why?
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