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Anti-tau antibody administration increases plasma tau in transgenic mice and patients with tauopathy.Academic Article Why?
Tau reduction prevents neuronal loss and reverses pathological tau deposition and seeding in mice with tauopathy.Academic Article Why?
ApoE4 markedly exacerbates tau-mediated neurodegeneration in a mouse model of tauopathy.Academic Article Why?
Acetylated Tau Obstructs KIBRA-Mediated Signaling in Synaptic Plasticity and Promotes Tauopathy-Related Memory Loss.Academic Article Why?
SIRT1 Deacetylates Tau and Reduces Pathogenic Tau Spread in a Mouse Model of Tauopathy.Academic Article Why?
Miller, BrucePerson Why?
Mucke, LennartPerson Why?
Gestwicki, JasonPerson Why?
Comparing Plasma Phospho Tau, Total Tau, and Phospho Tau-Total Tau Ratio as Acute and Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury Biomarkers.Academic Article Why?
Prion-like properties of Tau protein: the importance of extracellular Tau as a therapeutic target.Academic Article Why?
Soluble tau species, not neurofibrillary aggregates, disrupt neural system integration in a tau transgenic model.Academic Article Why?
Proteopathic tau seeding predicts tauopathy in vivo.Academic Article Why?
Stabilizing the Hsp70-Tau Complex Promotes Turnover in Models of Tauopathy.Academic Article Why?
Tau causes synapse loss without disrupting calcium homeostasis in the rTg4510 model of tauopathy.Academic Article Why?
Removing endogenous tau does not prevent tau propagation yet reduces its neurotoxicity.Academic Article Why?
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