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Reducing tobacco addiction through tobacco product regulation.Academic Article Why?
Treating tobacco addiction--nicotine or no nicotine?Academic Article Why?
The genetics of drug dependence: tobacco addiction.Academic Article Why?
Social Media Technology for Treating Tobacco AddictionGrant Why?
Benowitz, NealPerson Why?
Apollonio, DoriePerson Why?
Meanings & motives. Experts debating tobacco addiction.Academic Article Why?
Chronic disease management approach to treating tobacco addiction: comment on "Nicotine therapy sampling to induce quit attempts among smokers unmotivated to quit".Academic Article Why?
Clinical pharmacology of nicotine: implications for understanding, preventing, and treating tobacco addiction.Academic Article Why?
Predictors of Tobacco Use Among New York State Addiction Treatment Patients.Academic Article Why?
Smoking-related outcomes and associations with tobacco-free policy in addiction treatment, 2015-2016.Academic Article Why?
Use of multiple tobacco products in a national sample of persons enrolled in addiction treatment.Academic Article Why?
Marketing, FDA communication, tobacco perceptions and use in addiction treatmentGrant Why?
Tobacco industry surveillance of public health groups: the case of STAT (Stop Teenage Addiction to Tobacco) and INFACT (Infant Formula Action Coalition).Academic Article Why?
Guydish, JoePerson Why?
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