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Youth with Complex Needs: Transition to Adulthood PlansGrant Why?
Rehm, RobertaPerson Why?
Family transitions in congenital heart disease management: The impact of hospitalization in early adulthoodAcademic Article Why?
Transitions in Current Substance Use from Adolescence to Early-Adulthood.Academic Article Why?
Parental advocacy styles for special education students during the transition to adulthood.Academic Article Why?
Health insurance considerations for adolescent transplant recipients as they transition to adulthood.Academic Article Why?
Parent and youth priorities during the transition to adulthood for youth with special health care needs and developmental disability.Academic Article Why?
Von Scheven, EmilyPerson Why?
Best practices in managing transition to adulthood for adolescents with congenital heart disease: the transition process and medical and psychosocial issues: a scientific statement from the American Heart Association.Academic Article Why?
Comparing US paediatric and adult weight classification at the transition from late teenage to young adulthood.Academic Article Why?
Health care services and the transition to young adulthood: challenges and opportunities.Academic Article Why?
Youth with special health care needs: facilitating a healthy transition to young adulthood.Academic Article Why?
From homeless to hopeless and healthless?: the health impacts of housing challenges among former foster care youth transitioning to adulthood in California.Academic Article Why?
Emerging adulthood themes, role transitions and substance use among Hispanics in Southern California.Academic Article Why?
Trajectories of depressive symptoms in foster youth transitioning into adulthood: the roles of emotion dysregulation and PTSD.Academic Article Why?
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