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Name Department Researcher Type Why
Susan Meffert, MD, MPHPsychiatryAssociate Professor Why?
Naomi Bardach, MDPediatricsAssociate Professor Why?
Janet Myers, PhD, MPHMedicineProfessor Why?
James Sorensen, PhDPsychiatryProfessor Why?
Krysia Lindan, MD, MSEpidemiology & BiostatisticsProfessor Why?
Michael Potter, MDFamily Community MedicineProfessor Why?
Teri Reynolds, MDEmergency MedicineOther Academic/Other Why?
Leah Karliner, MDMedicineAssociate Professor Why?
Anisha Patel, MDPediatricsAssociate Professor Why?
Chuck McCulloch, PhDEpidemiology & BiostatisticsProfessor Why?
Dorie Apollonio, PhDClinical PharmacyAssociate Professor Why?
Lisa Chung, DDS, MPHPreventive & Restor Dent SciAssociate Professor Why?
Wendy Max, PhDInstitute for Health AgingProfessor Why?
Sara Newmann, MD, MPHOb/Gyn, Reproductive SciencesAssociate Professor Why?
Margaret Handley, PhD, MPHEpidemiology & BiostatisticsProfessor Why?
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