Takako Tabata

TitleProfessional Researcher
SchoolUCSF School of Dentistry
DepartmentCell and Tissue Biology
Address513 Parnassus Ave, Med Sci
San Francisco CA 94122
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    The role of CEACAM1 in CMV pathogenesis in the human placenta
    NIH/NICHD R21HD061890Jan 1, 2011 - Jun 30, 2013
    Role: Principal Investigator

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    1. Pereira L, Tabata T, Petitt M, Fang-Hoover J. Congenital cytomegalovirus infection undermines early development and functions of the human placenta. Placenta. 2017 Apr 25. PMID: 28477968.
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    2. Tabata, T., Petitt, M., Fang-Hoover, J., Zydek, M., Peirera, L. Epithelial cells of the amniotic membrane sustain persistent cytomegalovirus infection in the human placenta. Am. J. Pathol. 2016; 186(11):2970-2986.
    3. Tabata T, Petitt M, Fang-Hoover J, Zydek M, Pereira L. Persistent Cytomegalovirus Infection in Amniotic Membranes of the Human Placenta. Am J Pathol. 2016 Nov; 186(11):2970-2986. PMID: 27638253.
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    4. Tabata T, Petitt M, Puerta-Guardo H, Michlmayr D, Wang C, Fang-Hoover J, Harris E, Pereira L. Zika Virus Targets Different Primary Human Placental Cells, Suggesting Two Routes for Vertical Transmission. Cell Host Microbe. 2016 Aug 10; 20(2):155-66. PMID: 27443522.
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    5. Tabata T, Petitt M, Zydek M, Fang-Hoover J, Larocque N, Tsuge M, Gormley M, Kauvar LM, Pereira L. Human cytomegalovirus infection interferes with the maintenance and differentiation of trophoblast progenitor cells of the human placenta. J Virol. 2015 May; 89(9):5134-47. PMID: 25741001; PMCID: PMC4403461.
    6. Pereira, L., Tabata, T. and Petitt, M. Cytomegalovirus infection and pathogenesis in the human placenta. Microbiology Australia. 2015.
    7. Kauvar LM, Liu K, Park M, DeChene N, Stephenson R, Tenorio E, Ellsworth SL, Tabata T, Petitt M, Tsuge M, Fang-Hoover J, Adler SP, Cui X, McVoy MA, Pereira L. A high-affinity native human antibody neutralizes human cytomegalovirus infection of diverse cell types. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2015 Mar; 59(3):1558-68. PMID: 25534746; PMCID: PMC4325823.
    8. Zydek M, Petitt M, Fang-Hoover J, Adler B, Kauvar LM, Pereira L, Tabata T. HCMV infection of human trophoblast progenitor cells of the placenta is neutralized by a human monoclonal antibody to glycoprotein B and not by antibodies to the pentamer complex. Viruses. 2014 Mar 19; 6(3):1346-64. PMID: 24651029; PMCID: PMC3970154.
    9. Pereira L, Petitt M, Fong A, Tsuge M, Tabata T, Fang-Hoover J, Maidji E, Zydek M, Zhou Y, Inoue N, Loghavi S, Pepkowitz S, Kauvar LM, Ogunyemi D. Intrauterine growth restriction caused by underlying congenital cytomegalovirus infection. J Infect Dis. 2014 May 15; 209(10):1573-84. PMID: 24403553; PMCID: PMC3997585.
    10. Pereira L, Petitt M, Tabata T. Cytomegalovirus infection and antibody protection of the developing placenta. Clin Infect Dis. 2013 Dec; 57 Suppl 4:S174-7. PMID: 24257421; PMCID: PMC3897280.
    11. Pereira L., Tabata T, Petitt M. and Fang-Hoover, J. Cytomegaloviruses: From Molecular Pathogenesis to Therapy 2012. 2013; 73-86.
    12. Tabata T, Petitt M, Fang-Hoover J, Rivera J, Nozawa N, Shiboski S, Inoue N, Pereira L. Cytomegalovirus impairs cytotrophoblast-induced lymphangiogenesis and vascular remodeling in an in vivo human placentation model. Am J Pathol. 2012 Nov; 181(5):1540-59. PMID: 22959908; PMCID: PMC3483806.
    13. Maidji E, Nigro G, Tabata T, McDonagh S, Nozawa N, Shiboski S, Muci S, Anceschi MM, Aziz N, Adler SP, Pereira L. Antibody treatment promotes compensation for human cytomegalovirus-induced pathogenesis and a hypoxia-like condition in placentas with congenital infection. Am J Pathol. 2010 Sep; 177(3):1298-310. PMID: 20651234; PMCID: PMC2928963.
    14. Nozawa N, Fang-Hoover J, Tabata T, Maidji E, Pereira L. Cytomegalovirus-specific, high-avidity IgG with neutralizing activity in maternal circulation enriched in the fetal bloodstream. J Clin Virol. 2009 Dec; 46 Suppl 4:S58-63. PMID: 19854676; PMCID: PMC2794836.
    15. Tabata T, Kawakatsu H, Maidji E, Sakai T, Sakai K, Fang-Hoover J, Aiba M, Sheppard D, Pereira L. Induction of an epithelial integrin alphavbeta6 in human cytomegalovirus-infected endothelial cells leads to activation of transforming growth factor-beta1 and increased collagen production. Am J Pathol. 2008 Apr; 172(4):1127-40. PMID: 18349127; PMCID: PMC2276431.
    16. Pereira L, Maidji E, Fisher SJ, McDonagh S, Tabata T . HCMV persistence in the population: potential transplacental transmission. Human Herpesviruses: Biology, Therapy, and Immunoprophylaxis. 2007; 814-830.
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    18. Maidji E, McDonagh S, Genbacev O, Tabata T, Pereira L. Maternal antibodies enhance or prevent cytomegalovirus infection in the placenta by neonatal Fc receptor-mediated transcytosis. Am J Pathol. 2006 Apr; 168(4):1210-26. PMID: 16565496; PMCID: PMC1606573.
    19. Pereira L, Maidji E, McDonagh S, Tabata T. Insights into viral transmission at the uterine-placental interface. Trends Microbiol. 2005 Apr; 13(4):164-74. PMID: 15817386.
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    20. Pereira L., Tabata T, Petitt M. and Fang-Hoover, J. Routes of human cytomegalovirus transmission and infection at the uterine-placental interface. Cytomegalovirus: Pathogenesis, Molecular Biology and Infection Control. 2005; 29-48.
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    22. Yamamoto-Tabata T, McDonagh S, Chang HT, Fisher S, Pereira L. Human cytomegalovirus interleukin-10 downregulates metalloproteinase activity and impairs endothelial cell migration and placental cytotrophoblast invasiveness in vitro. J Virol. 2004 Mar; 78(6):2831-40. PMID: 14990702; PMCID: PMC353759.
    23. Kanai K, Kuwabara S, Mori M, Arai K, Yamamoto T, Hattori T. Leukocytoclastic-vasculitic neuropathy associated with chronic Epstein-Barr virus infection. Muscle Nerve. 2003 Jan; 27(1):113-6. PMID: 12508305.
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    25. Yamaguchi M, Yamamoto T, Tate G, Matsumoto T, Matsumiya A, Kuzume M, Sanada Y, Kumada K. Specific detection of epstein-barr virus in inflammatory pseudotumor of the spleen in a patient with a high serum level of soluble IL-2 receptor. J Gastroenterol. 2000; 35(7):563-6. PMID: 10905367.
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    27. Li J, Yamamoto T, Ohtsubo K, Shirakata M, Hirai K. Major product pp43 of human cytomegalovirus U(L)112-113 gene is a transcriptional coactivator with two functionally distinct domains. Virology. 1999 Jul 20; 260(1):89-97. PMID: 10405360.
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    29. Yuki N, Yamamoto T, Hirata K. Correlation between cytomegalovirus infection and IgM anti-MAG/SGPG antibody-associated neuropathy. Ann Neurol. 1998 Sep; 44(3):408-10. PMID: 9749612.
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