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Is qualitative research second class science? A quantitative longitudinal examination of qualitative research in medical journals.Academic Article Why?
An open letter to The BMJ editors on qualitative research.Academic Article Why?
Choosing a Qualitative Research Approach.Academic Article Why?
Integrating qualitative research into occupational health: a case study among hospital workers.Academic Article Why?
Introduction to issue on qualitative research and evidence-based practices.Academic Article Why?
Obtaining large-scale funding for empowerment-oriented qualitative research: a report from personal experience.Academic Article Why?
Qualitative research in a cross-cultural context: Fijian experiences.Academic Article Why?
Qualitative research on community experiences in large HIV research trials: what have we learned?Academic Article Why?
Qualitative research: the chicken or the egg.Academic Article Why?
Standards for reporting qualitative research: a synthesis of recommendations.Academic Article Why?
A scoping review of qualitative research in JAMIA: past contributions and opportunities for future work.Academic Article Why?
Qualitative research contribution to a randomized clinical trial.Academic Article Why?
Qualitative research on geriatric mental health: progress, challenges, and opportunities.Academic Article Why?
Taking up the proposal of allocating one slot a month for a year to qualitative research.Academic Article Why?
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