Amelie Griveau, PhD

TitleAssociate Specialist
SchoolUCSF School of Medicine
DepartmentRegeneration Medicine
Address35 Medical Center way
San Fancisco CA 94143
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    University Pierre and Marie Curie, ParisPhD2009Neuroscience
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    Society for Neuro-Oncology2015Best Oral Poster Presentation Award
    American Association for Cancer Research2012  - 2013AACR Anna D. Barker Fellowship in Basic Cancer Research
    American Brain Tumor Association2010  - 2012Postdoctoral Fellowship
    Association pour la Recherche contre le Cancer2008  - 2009Fellowship from the « Association pour la Recherche contre le Cancer »

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    1. Zhou J, Tien AC, Alberta JA, Ficarro SB, Griveau A, Sun Y, Deshpande JS, Card JD, Morgan-Smith M, Michowski W, Hashizume R, James CD, Ligon KL, Snider WD, Sicinski P, Marto JA, Rowitch DH, Stiles CD. A Sequentially Priming Phosphorylation Cascade Activates the Gliomagenic Transcription Factor Olig2. Cell Rep. 2017 Mar 28; 18(13):3167-3177. PMID: 28355568.
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    2. Freret-Hodara B, Cui Y, Griveau A, Vigier L, Arai Y, Touboul J, Pierani A, et al. Enhanced Abventricular Proliferation Compensates Cell Death in the Embryonic Cerebral Cortex. Cereb Cortex. 2016 Sep 12. PMID: 27620979.
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    3. Gygli PE, Chang JC, Gokozan HN, Catacutan FP, Schmidt TA, Kaya B, Goksel M, Baig FS, Chen S, Griveau A, Michowski W, Wong M, Palanichamy K, Sicinski P, Nelson RJ, Czeisler C, Otero JJ. Cyclin A2 promotes DNA repair in the brain during both development and aging. Aging (Albany NY). 2016 Jul; 8(7):1540-70. PMID: 27425845.
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    4. Yuen TJ, Silbereis JC, Griveau A, Chang SM, Daneman R, Fancy SP, Zahed H, Maltepe E, Rowitch DH. Oligodendrocyte-encoded HIF function couples postnatal myelination and white matter angiogenesis. Cell. 2014 Jul 17; 158(2):383-96. PMID: 25018103; PMCID: PMC4149873.
    5. Otero JJ, Kalaszczynska I, Michowski W, Wong M, Gygli PE, Gokozan HN, Griveau A, Odajima J, Czeisler C, Catacutan FP, Murnen A, Schüller U, Sicinski P, Rowitch D. Cerebellar cortical lamination and foliation require cyclin A2. Dev Biol. 2014 Jan 15; 385(2):328-39. PMID: 24184637; PMCID: PMC3909955.
    6. Griveau A, Borello U., Pierani A. Neuronal Migration and Brain Patterning, In: J.L.R. RUBENSTEIN and P. RAKIC editors: Comprehensive Developmental Neuroscience: Cellular Migration and Formation of Neuronal Connections. 2013; 431-456.
    7. Huillard E, Hashizume R, Phillips JJ, Griveau A, Ihrie RA, Aoki Y, Nicolaides T, Perry A, Waldman T, McMahon M, Weiss WA, Petritsch C, James CD, Rowitch DH. Cooperative interactions of BRAFV600E kinase and CDKN2A locus deficiency in pediatric malignant astrocytoma as a basis for rational therapy. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012 May 29; 109(22):8710-5. PMID: 22586120; PMCID: PMC3365162.
    8. Griveau A. [Treatment of the respiratory distress syndrome in newborns: smoothened agonist counterbalances deleterious effects of glucocorticoids]. Med Sci (Paris). 2012 Feb; 28(2):141-3. PMID: 22377298.
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    9. Gelman D, Griveau A, Dehorter N, Teissier A, Varela C, Pla R, Pierani A, Marín O. A wide diversity of cortical GABAergic interneurons derives from the embryonic preoptic area. J Neurosci. 2011 Nov 16; 31(46):16570-80. PMID: 22090484.
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    10. Heine VM, Griveau A, Chapin C, Ballard PL, Chen JK, Rowitch DH. A small-molecule smoothened agonist prevents glucocorticoid-induced neonatal cerebellar injury. Sci Transl Med. 2011 Oct 19; 3(105):105ra104. PMID: 22013124; PMCID: PMC3694585.
    11. Teissier A, Waclaw RR, Griveau A, Campbell K, Pierani A. Tangentially migrating transient glutamatergic neurons control neurogenesis and maintenance of cerebral cortical progenitor pools. Cereb Cortex. 2012 Feb; 22(2):403-16. PMID: 21666133; PMCID: PMC3256409.
    12. Teissier A, Griveau A, Vigier L, Piolot T, Borello U, Pierani A. A novel transient glutamatergic population migrating from the pallial-subpallial boundary contributes to neocortical development. J Neurosci. 2010 Aug 4; 30(31):10563-74. PMID: 20685999.
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    13. Griveau A, Borello U, Causeret F, Tissir F, Boggetto N, Karaz S, Pierani A. A novel role for Dbx1-derived Cajal-Retzius cells in early regionalization of the cerebral cortical neuroepithelium. PLoS Biol. 2010; 8(7):e1000440. PMID: 20668538; PMCID: PMC2910656.
    14. Zimmer C, Lee J, Griveau A, Arber S, Pierani A, Garel S, Guillemot F. Role of Fgf8 signalling in the specification of rostral Cajal-Retzius cells. Development. 2010 Jan; 137(2):293-302. PMID: 20040495; PMCID: PMC2799162.
    15. Bielle F, Griveau A, Narboux-Nême N, Vigneau S, Sigrist M, Arber S, Wassef M, Pierani A. Multiple origins of Cajal-Retzius cells at the borders of the developing pallium. Nat Neurosci. 2005 Aug; 8(8):1002-12. PMID: 16041369.
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