Christopher Waddling, PhD

TitleEmployee of Contracting Firm
InstitutionUniversity of California San Francisco
DepartmentBiochemistry and Biophysics
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    University of California, San Francisco2011Chancellor's Award for GLBT Leadership
    University of California, San Francisco2014Chancellor's Award for Public Service

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    • Experienced in project management including: work plan development; problem solving; personnel management; and complex coordination of, and consensus building with, internal and external parties
    • Skilled at taking projects from planning to implementation
    • Experienced in resource allocation and management of sizable operating budgets
    • Advocate for funding and resources to maintain the crystallography group's competitive edge
    • Graduate-level educator
    • Authored successful collaborative grant applications that secured core lab equipment and salary funding
    • Facilitate networking between local crystallographers
    • Maintain comprehensive and detailed website for both the MSG and the Crystallography lab, which includes instructional and safety videos, links to the latest software, and information on the latest techniques
    • Rapid response to queries and calls for assistance
    • Experienced crystallographer with skills in screening; optimization; data collection (including SAD and MAD); structure solution and refinement; analysis of structural and functional properties of proteins and the exploration of small molecule inhibitors, ligands and targets of interest
    • Ability to be detail oriented while remaining to see the bigger picture


    Laboratory management; instrument maintenance; grant writing; crystallography (crystallization, optimization, data collection - rotating anode and synchrotron - ultra high-resolution protein structure solution and analysis); software maintenance; project management; budget and purchasing; teaching complex subjects; public speaking; web site design and maintenance; networking.


    Responsible for day-to-day management of a 150-client, 30-lab supported core facility with an annual operating budget of over $250000; annually teaching two graduate-level courses; grant writing; policy making; software and equipment; contributing to crystallography research efforts at UCSF.


    · X-ray Facility Management: management and policy initiatives and improvements quadrupled the UCSF Crystallography Facility client base; positively impacted the learning environment and quality of scientific study; increased Facility throughput; directed grant applications for new equipment and salary support; implemented acquisition of state-of-the-art technological advances; managed cooperative agreements with private sector; maintain Crystallography Facility equipment, software, and web site.
    · Teaching and Training: Initiated, developed, and teach the practical section of two graduate-level crystallography courses; developed and filmed an iBioSeminars online lecture course; on-going training of all users of our facility at UCSF and at the Advanced Light Source at the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.
    - Maintain relationships with equipment and software specialists in crystallography to remain current with the state of the art in our and related fields
    · Research: experienced in protein crystallization, optimization and data collection, refinement, and structure solution; experienced at analyzing the structural and functional properties of proteins and exploring their interactions with ligands, inhibitors, and therapeutic small molecules.
    · Experienced user of the ALS synchrotron beamlines (SAD, MAD) and rotating anode x-ray equipment


    08/2008 – 08/2009 QB3 UCSF 08-09 R1 Award, Fund 09515/DPA 555262, PI: David Agard
    Salary support for James Holton (UCSF/ALS) and Chris Waddling (UCSF) $75,000
    04/2006 – 04/2007 NIH Shared Instrument Grant, S10 RR0222322, PI: Robert Fletterick
    Role: Grant coordination, consultant, and equipment staff person $280,353

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