Sarah Umetsu, MD, PhD

TitleAssistant Professor
InstitutionUniversity of California San Francisco
Address505 Parnassus Avenue
San Francisco CA 94117
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    1. Joseph NM, Brunt EM, Marginean C, Nalbantoglu I, Snover DC, Thung SN, Yeh MM, Umetsu S, Ferrell LD, Gill RM. Frequent GNAQ and GNA14 Mutations in Hepatic Small Vessel Neoplasm. Am J Surg Pathol. 2018 Jul 03. PMID: 29975248.
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    2. Villanueva-Meyer JE, Magill ST, Lee JC, Umetsu S, Flavell RR. Detection of Metastatic Meningioma to the Liver Using 68Ga-DOTA-Octreotate PET/CT. Clin Nucl Med. 2018 Jun 22. PMID: 29939957.
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    3. Kidambi TD, Goldberg D, Nussbaum R, Blanco A, Umetsu S, Terdiman JP, Lee JK. Novel variant of unknown significance in MUTYH in a patient with MUTYH-associated polyposis: a case to reclassify. Clin J Gastroenterol. 2018 May 15. PMID: 29766397.
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    4. Lim HC, Montesion M, Botton T, Collisson EA, Umetsu S, Behr SC, Gordan JD, Stephens PJ, Kelley RK. Hybrid Capture-Based Tumor Sequencing and Copy Number Analysis to Confirm Origin of Metachronous Metastases in BRCA1-Mutant Cholangiocarcinoma Harboring a Novel YWHAZ-BRAF Fusion. Oncologist. 2018 Apr 05. PMID: 29622700.
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    5. Bean GR, Joseph NM, Folpe AL, Horvai AE, Umetsu S. Recurrent GNA14 mutations in anastomosing hemangiomas. Histopathology. 2018 Mar 25. PMID: 29574926.
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    6. Ladwig NR, Schoolmeester JK, Weil L, Chapman JS, Zaloudek C, Umetsu S. Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor Associated With the Placenta: Short Tandem Repeat Genotyping Confirms Uterine Site of Origin. Am J Surg Pathol. 2018 Mar 02. PMID: 29505427.
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    7. Umetsu S, Brown I, Langner C, Lauwers GY. Autoimmune enteropathies. Virchows Arch. 2018 Jan; 472(1):55-66. PMID: 29022145.
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    8. Umetsu S, Shafizadeh N, Kakar S. Grading and staging mucinous neoplasms of the appendix: a case series and review of the literature. Hum Pathol. 2017 11; 69:81-89. PMID: 28970138.
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    9. Agnihotri P, Robertson NM, Umetsu S, Arakcheeva K, Winandy S. Lack of Ikaros cripples expression of Foxo1 and its targets in naive T cells. Immunology. 2017 11; 152(3):494-506. PMID: 28670688.
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    10. Bean GR, Joseph NM, Gill RM, Folpe AL, Horvai AE, Umetsu S. Recurrent GNAQ mutations in anastomosing hemangiomas. Mod Pathol. 2017 May; 30(5):722-727. PMID: 28084343.
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    11. Ehman EC, Umetsu S, Ohliger MA, Fidelman N, Ferrell LD, Yeh BM, Yee J, Hope TA. Imaging prediction of residual hepatocellular carcinoma after locoregional therapy in patients undergoing liver transplantation or partial hepatectomy. Abdom Radiol (NY). 2016 Nov; 41(11):2161-2168. PMID: 27484789.
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    12. Ehman EC, Behr SC, Umetsu S, Fidelman N, Yeh BM, Ferrell LD, Hope TA. Rate of observation and inter-observer agreement for LI-RADS major features at CT and MRI in 184 pathology proven hepatocellular carcinomas. Abdom Radiol (NY). 2016 05; 41(5):963-9. PMID: 27193793.
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    13. Albacker LA, Karisola P, Chang YJ, Umetsu S, Zhou M, Akbari O, Kobayashi N, Baumgarth N, Freeman GJ, Umetsu DT, DeKruyff RH. TIM-4, a receptor for phosphatidylserine, controls adaptive immunity by regulating the removal of antigen-specific T cells. J Immunol. 2010 Dec 01; 185(11):6839-49. PMID: 21037090; PMCID: PMC3153437.
    14. Lee HH, Meyer EH, Goya S, Pichavant M, Kim HY, Bu X, Umetsu S, Jones JC, Savage PB, Iwakura Y, Casasnovas JM, Kaplan G, Freeman GJ, DeKruyff RH, Umetsu DT. Apoptotic cells activate NKT cells through T cell Ig-like mucin-like-1 resulting in airway hyperreactivity. J Immunol. 2010 Nov 01; 185(9):5225-35. PMID: 20889552; PMCID: PMC3114419.
    15. Chari S, Umetsu S, Winandy S. Notch target gene deregulation and maintenance of the leukemogenic phenotype do not require RBP-J kappa in Ikaros null mice. J Immunol. 2010 Jul 01; 185(1):410-7. PMID: 20511547; PMCID: PMC2955868.
    16. Umetsu S, Winandy S. Ikaros is a regulator of Il10 expression in CD4+ T cells. J Immunol. 2009 Nov 01; 183(9):5518-25. PMID: 19828627; PMCID: PMC2778601.
    17. Quirion MR, Gregory GD, Umetsu S, Winandy S, Brown MA. Cutting edge: Ikaros is a regulator of Th2 cell differentiation. J Immunol. 2009 Jan 15; 182(2):741-5. PMID: 19124715; PMCID: PMC2718557.
    18. Thomas RM, Chunder N, Chen C, Umetsu S, Winandy S, Wells AD. Ikaros enforces the costimulatory requirement for IL2 gene expression and is required for anergy induction in CD4+ T lymphocytes. J Immunol. 2007 Dec 01; 179(11):7305-15. PMID: 18025173.
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    19. Kobayashi N, Karisola P, Peña-Cruz V, Dorfman DM, Jinushi M, Umetsu S, Butte MJ, Nagumo H, Chernova I, Zhu B, Sharpe AH, Ito S, Dranoff G, Kaplan GG, Casasnovas JM, Umetsu DT, Dekruyff RH, Freeman GJ. TIM-1 and TIM-4 glycoproteins bind phosphatidylserine and mediate uptake of apoptotic cells. Immunity. 2007 Dec; 27(6):927-40. PMID: 18082433; PMCID: PMC2757006.
    20. Tami C, Silberstein E, Manangeeswaran M, Freeman GJ, Umetsu S, DeKruyff RH, Umetsu DT, Kaplan GG. Immunoglobulin A (IgA) is a natural ligand of hepatitis A virus cellular receptor 1 (HAVCR1), and the association of IgA with HAVCR1 enhances virus-receptor interactions. J Virol. 2007 Apr; 81(7):3437-46. PMID: 17229699; PMCID: PMC1866050.
    21. Umetsu S, Lee WL, McIntire JJ, Downey L, Sanjanwala B, Akbari O, Berry GJ, Nagumo H, Freeman GJ, Umetsu DT, DeKruyff RH. TIM-1 induces T cell activation and inhibits the development of peripheral tolerance. Nat Immunol. 2005 May; 6(5):447-54. PMID: 15793575.
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    22. Meyers JH, Chakravarti S, Schlesinger D, Illes Z, Waldner H, Umetsu S, Kenny J, Zheng XX, Umetsu DT, DeKruyff RH, Strom TB, Kuchroo VK. TIM-4 is the ligand for TIM-1, and the TIM-1-TIM-4 interaction regulates T cell proliferation. Nat Immunol. 2005 May; 6(5):455-64. PMID: 15793576.
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    23. McIntire JJ, Umetsu S, Macaubas C, Hoyte EG, Cinnioglu C, Cavalli-Sforza LL, Barsh GS, Hallmayer JF, Underhill PA, Risch NJ, Freeman GJ, DeKruyff RH, Umetsu DT. Immunology: hepatitis A virus link to atopic disease. Nature. 2003 Oct 09; 425(6958):576. PMID: 14534576.
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